The People Behind Purple Fence Farm


Introducing Julie Godard, the artisan behind Purple Fence Farm's product line. Julie's passion for formulating and co-creating with nature began at a young age, and has developed into a full-time career as a skilled artisan. Her expertise in crafting all-natural products is showcased in each and every one of Purple Fence Farm's products. Julie carefully selects high quality ingredients, as well as infuses oils with the lavender from the farm, and other herbs and botanicals she grows, and or ethically harvests. From lavender-infused soaps to herbal balms and salves, Julie's attention to detail and dedication to her craft are evident in every product she creates. When she's not in the studio formulating, or out in the fields harvesting lavender, Julie is hiking with her pup and taking inspiration from the beauty of nature that surrounds her.


Meet Ty Ingmire, the driving force behind Purple Fence Farm. Ty's passion for lavender started with a small backyard garden, which quickly grew into a full-fledged farming operation. With his background in business and marketing, Ty saw an opportunity to share the benefits of lavender with others and turn his hobby into a thriving business. His passion is to turn the concept of Purple Fence Farm into reality. Ty's entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his love for lavender, has led to the creation of a unique and sustainable farm that produces high-quality lavender products. When he's not busy tending to the fields or brainstorming new ideas, Ty can be found in the nearby mountains with his family.