About Purple Fence Farm NEW

Purple Fence Farm began in the Spring of 2020 just north of metro Denver, Colorado with over 20 years of experience with creating and selling herbal body care. Our goal has been to grow lavender using organic methods, and use it to formulate our sustainable, high-quality bath and culinary products. 

At Purple Fence Farm, we hand-harvest our lavender to use in our small batch, natural product line and culinary products. Every ingredient we use is responsibly sourced and lovingly harvested. 

Our commitment to all-natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices is not just a business choice; it’s a reflection of our values and our dedication to a healthier world. 

Thank you for visiting our online home, and we look forward to sharing our love of lavender with you!


Why Choose Us - Our Core Values

bee on lavender

What sets us apart in the world of skincare and culinary delights is our unwavering commitment to sustainability and simplicity. Every step, from planting our fields of lavender to handcrafting each balm and blend, is infused with a passion for ecological responsibility. 

With an emphasis on all-natural ingredients, and sustainable packaging, we strive to offer you products that are not only effective and luxurious but also kind to our planet.


Why Our Customers Love Us:

Durango soap bar

At our lavender farm, we cherish a philosophy that resonates deeply with our close-knit community of customers: what you put in and on your body truly matters. 

We pride ourselves on cultivating not just lavender and herbs, but meaningful relationships with our customers. We listen, we care, and we strive to exceed expectations. 

This dedication allows us to create skincare and culinary treasures that our customers can trust. 


The People Behind the Lavender

Julie Godard, farmer, formulator

Julie Godard

I’m the artisan and mad scientist behind Purple Fence Farm's product line. My passion for formulating and co-creating with nature started at a young age, when I’d create products to give away to friends. (My first was a hand-sewn lavender eye pillow! Talk about full circle.)

Since then, I’ve studied how to make things like lip balm, scrubs, balms, medical aromatherapy, as well as classes on how to formulate them with herbs and essential oils to make stellar skin products. 

I have sensitive skin, but actually didn’t realize that until I started making all-natural products and realized how much better my skin felt and reacted! So of course, I dived into it and and am thrilled to now have my very own lavender farm!

When I’m not in the studio formulating, or out in the fields harvesting herbs and lavender, I’m hiking with my pup, and taking inspiration from the beautiful Colorado nature surrounding me.

Everything I do at Purple Fence Farms is grounded in three tenets: 

Small batch

Julie Godard, foraging for herbs

Every product in our line is handmade. So you’re not buying from a big company hiding behind a quaint website. You’re supporting a passionate, small business with a high-standard for excellence and a desire to bring you the best natural skincare possible. One batch of soap is 34 bars. I stir it, and get my hands in it, (with gloves on, of course!) 

I also grow most of the herbs and botanicals we use, and what I don’t grow myself, I ethically harvest from the mountains or source from other small Colorado farms and businesses. I love to hike, and if I happen upon a great patch of arnica, I’ll harvest some for our Apex Muscle Salve. We use Colorado honey and beeswax in some of our soaps and balms, a local Colorado sunflower oil company that does not use solvents or synthetic chemicals during the extraction process, nor do they winterize the oil, like many companies do. The winterization process can strip the oil of nutrients and vitamin E. 


We pour intention into everything. More than just a blend of ingredients, each product is a carefully crafted story that embodies the essence and spirit of Nature and Colorado.

Our rugged mountain peaks are captured in the design of our soap bars. My own  musings inspire products like our “Doc Holliday” soap and “Wyatt Earp” lotion. Our “Devil’s Crotch” soap evokes the thrill and scent of the air, skiing down Breckenridge’s famous run. 

Each product I make is more than just a blend of ingredients; it’s a carefully crafted story about Colorado that I want to share with you. My passion for thoughtful formulation and meaningful inspiration ensures that each product in our line not only nurtures your skin but also connects you to the places and stories that I love about Colorado. 


Julie Godard and yarrow in Colorado

Let’s face it, We could charge more for our face serum if we put a pretty box around it, but that’s not what we at Purple Fence Farm stand for. 

We use minimal packaging, focusing  on the actual product, then craft and package it in a way that’s sustainable and kind to the environment. And saves you money as well!

I’m constantly researching sustainable ingredients that are harvested fairly, and studying how to package and ship them to customers with as little waste as possible. 

For Purple Fence Farm, it’s not about flashy packaging or profit margins; it’s about crafting exceptional products with a conscience. By focusing on sustainable ingredients and minimizing waste in every step of our process, we ensure that our products are as kind to the planet as they are to your skin. 


Ty Ingmire, our business and marketing mastermind

Ty Ingmire

I came to Julie with the idea for  Purple Fence Farm with a passion for lavender and a love of SEO and marketing. With my help, what started as a small backyard garden, quickly grew into a full-fledged farming operation. 

With my background in business and marketing, I saw an opportunity to share the benefits of lavender with others and turn Julie's talent for natural products into a thriving business. 

When I’m not busy tending to the fields or analyzing Google Analytics, I can be found in the nearby mountains with my family.