The Farm is located on the Northern Front Range of Denver. Nestled in the heavy clay soils between Carbon Valley & Erie. It consists of 9 acres. Our first crop was about 1800 plants started in the Greenhouse in 2020 and placed in the gorund in 2021.  


The Farm is a 9-acre plot of land located on the Northern Front Range of Denver. Nestled in the heavy clay soils between Carbon Valley & Erie, with amazing views of the Front Range, including Mount Meeker and Longs Peak. We started with our first crop of Lavender in the greenhouse in the winter of 2020. We planted the young plants in 2021. We are growing Grosso lavender, and will be adding 4 more cultivars this coming spring! Keep checking back, as we grow!


Located in Frederick, Colorado within minutes of the Farm. We use oils, herbs and other materials from nature to create the nourishing and healing soaps, salves, serums and balms that we are known for.  Using locally harvested when possible, and responsibly sourced ingredients; with the health and well-being of our customers at our core.


All of our product is made intentionally and in small batches to ensure its quality. Colors are created from botanicals, clays and spices, and all of the scents are from essential oils.  We also believe in the “less is more” philosophy, even if it is natural.  What you won’t find in our product is any SL whatevers…, fragrance oils, synthetic gunk, or weird fluorescent pink candies to get stuck in your plumbing!



Ty - "The get'r done guy"

A Colorado native, Ty initially came up with the idea of a Lavender Farm after talking with his local insurance guy.  A little bit of research, and the mindset of "anything is possible, especially if someone tells you it's not" led to the inevitable creation of the Farm. Ty's goals are to create a self sustaining business that can grow and provide enjoyment for himself, his family, friends, and the local community for years to come. Ty is community, he helps others however he can, and believes in supporting the local economy.

Julie – "The formulator / daydream believer" 

I’m a Colorado native who is constantly amazed by and loves being surrounded with nature, working at the farm, and being a part of the community.  

Many natural skin-care companies are born out of necessity due to a health issue. When I look back and try to pinpoint my exact starting place, there wasn’t just one pivotal moment, but more so, many little and not so little signs and serendipitous moments.  I attended my first herbal medicine class, learning about lavender (Ironically) in my late teens. Through the years I’ve studied herbal medicine, aromatherapy and nature therapy. I would dabble in making natural salves, scrubs, lip balm, body oils, candles and more. Basically, anything I could co-create with mother nature, and in turn share with others. I gifted a lot, as well as selling at craft fairs, holiday shows and farmers markets. Under the name essentia5 (essentia – Latin for essence, and the number 5, for the elements, and life number).  In 2021 essentia5 became Purple Fence Farm. With the same great product and many new formulations constantly in the works! Such as a whole line of lavender items, from our CO grown lavender! What started with a love to create for others, and has grown into a passion to help in healing the body, mind and soul.