Aromatherapy Anointing Oil

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Each blend has been synergistically formulated with specific essential oils to create a unique aromatic experience for you.  Channel your inner spirit guide to help you with whatever life is throwing your way!

BEAR- Introspection, Healing, Courage - Call upon Bear when you need to step back and go within to find the answers, slow down your pace of living, find the courage to stand with integrity and conviction. Or use in times where physical, emotional and mental healing is needed.

Fir needle, Cinnamon, Black Spruce, Patchouli, Chamomile essential oils

OTTER- Curiosity, Play, Energy Boost - Have you forgotten, or just not allowed yourself time for play? Otter is your guide to help you remember how to live and laugh with playful abandon.  Otter asks you to be curious in all that you do; open to new ideas and possibilities. As well as giving you a boost of energy needed by taking that time for play. 

Sweet Orange, Lemon, Ho wood, Rose, Palmarosa, Lime essential oils